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Bailong chuangyuan company won the "2018 shandong province honest company" brand enterprise "medal
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After information filling, index review, grade-by - level recommendation, for advice , expert review and public announcement and so on, shandong bailong chuangyuan biotechnology co., ltd. confirmed to retain the honorary title of "shandong province honest company" ,after review, and was recently awarded the medal of "2018 shandong province"honest company  and "brand enterprise ".

Good faith  Bailong, and the garden culture",  garden culture closely fit the concept of " Shandong honest company, As AAA abide by the contract heavy reputation enterprises ,bailong chuangyuan has been to" honesty ", and "honest" as a conscious  requirement and value orientation, Focusing on the four aspects of "law-abiding and honest management, humanistic and harmonious management, fulfilling social responsibilities and innovating corporate culture",, and promote the implementation of various tasks, bailong chuangyuan will take concrete actions to implement the "shandong province honest company " brand spirit,Further  build  business  of shandong province culture brand, wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide comprehensive, efficient, high quality of integrated solutions,We will make new and greater contributions to economic and social development.

"honest company of shandong province"  is in September 2014 by shandong provincial  propaganda department, and the shandong province development and reform commission and so on, more than 50 departments, units launched,Aiming at provincial, county (city, area) three levels to create units, Taking "honest company of shandong province" brand three-level joint creation information system as the platform,,we are committed to establish more departments, across different areas in the field of information on credit rating and trustworthy coupon award faithless coupon to punish a long-term mechanism, and guide more corporate law-abiding integrity management, humanistic harmonious management , perform the social responsibility , Innovative corporate culture to build "honest company of shandong province" brand .Honest company of  shandong province at least in the performance of law-abiding integrity management, people-oriented and harmonious management, social responsibility and innovation of enterprise culture has made outstanding achievements, in general, the good faith is the foundation , humanism is the core, the responsibility is the obligation, the brand is the support, four complement each other and promote each other.you will be"honest company of shandong province"if your company meet all demands.It is understood that these listed enterprises, after the authorization can be in their image publicity can be free to use the "honest company of shandong province" trademark (the general authorization period of 12 months, trademark authorization implementation dynamic management), three consecutive years selected to the image list of enterprises can also get the corresponding incentive policy support.